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  SJMH Physician and

  Physician Group Billing
St. James Mercy Hospital

The following professional services (physicians, mid-level) will be billed through St. James Mercy Hospital and our participating health plans (list of insurance plans):

Employed/Under Contract
Insurance Plans (PDF)

Anwar, Saeed, MD
Crosby, Mabel, MD
Edwards, Kenessa, MD
Eid, Mervat, MD
Iqbal, Afzaal, MD
Khan, Asif A., MD
Kralovic, Sarah, MD
Mehr, Ismail, MD
Mitchell, Derek, MD
Williams, Mark R., MD

Emergency Room

Batlle Quidgley, Maria Y., MD
Ebling, Nancy, MD
Florio, Giacomo, PA
Jandura Cessna, Halina, MD
John, Christopher, PA
Niertit, Amy, MD
Pozo, Milton L., MD
Pretorius, Richard W., MD
Reit, Yechiel, MD
Robshaw, John G., MD
Weinberger, Michael A., MD
Wentworth, Kevin, PA

SJMH Express Care/Family Med

Ashdown, Adrian, MD
Briceland, Kevin, PA
Burke, Brandi, NP
Ebling, Nancy, DO
Franklin, James C., PA
Hanrahan, David M., PA
Lee, Richard, PA
McCumiskey, Emily, PA
Phillips, Lauren, PA
Robshaw, John, MD
Schmidt, Sierra, PA
Vasiloff, Alicia, PA

General Surgery

Blom, Dennis, MD
Kidder, Leah C., PA
Talarico, Joseph, MD


Leveston, Steven, MD
Majid, Asad, MD
Randhawa, M. Tariq, MD
Sick, Rebecca A., NP

SJMH Center of Orthopedic Care

Axtell, Paul, MD
Briceland, Kevin, PA
Capecci, Robert, MD
Leit, Michael, MD
Wonderling, William, PA


Burkhart, James S., MD
Ruckert, Gustave T.V., DO
Wilsch, Mary M., MD


Strohl, Alexis, MD
Paczos, Tamera, MD

Physical Therapy

Oyewo, Adedayo, PT
Wickes, Brian, PT


Picco, Pasquale, MD

  Radiology and Ultrasound Services
Adams, Mark, MD
Adjei, Osbert, MD
Almast, Jeevak, MD
Bernstein, Allan, MD
Bhatt, Alok, MD
Bhatt, Shweta, MD
Blickman, Johan, MD
Brucker, Justin, MD
Burgener, Francis, MD
Butani, Devang, MD
Chaturvedi, Abhishek, MD
Chaturvedi, Apeksha, MD
Chengazi, Vaseem, MD
Chess, Mitchell, MD
Dawson, Damien, MD
Dieudonne, Gregory, MD
Dogra, Vikram, MD
Dombroski, David, MD
Fultz, Patrick, MD
Hobbs, Susan, MD, PHD
Hollenberg, Gary, MD
Holzwasser, Gerald, MD
Hussain, Ali, MBCHB
Iyer, Radhy, MD Jones, Luann, MD
Kamalsky, Joan, MD
Kaproth-Joslin, Katherine, MD, PHD
Khanna, Vinit, MD
Kheyfits, Valeriy, MD
Klein, Debra, MD
Klionsky, Nina, MD
Kolodny, Leonard, MD
Lee, David, MD Lin, Edward, MD
Meyers, Steven, MD, PHD
Monu, Johnny, MD
Motimaya, Ash, MD
Nicola, Refky, DO
O’Connell, Avice, MD
Ormanoski, Margaret, MD
Potchen, Michael, MD
Puri, Saita, MD
Radwan Hussien, Abdel Mohsen, MD
Reis, Joseph, MD
Rosella, Peter, MD
Rubens, Deborah, MD
Tyan, Timothy, PA
Sasson, Talia, MD
Schiffman, Scott, MD
Seo, Gwy Suk, MD
Shaikh, Aizaz, MD
Sharma, Ashwani, MD
Shrier, David, MD
Sidhu, Ravinder, MD
Strang, Jon, MD
Tan, Raymond, MD
Tan, Brian, MD
Virdee, Sanjiv, MD
Voci, Susan, MD
Waldman, David, MD, PHD
Wandtke, John, MD
Wandtke, Ben, MD
Wang, Henry, MD PHD
Weinberg, Eric, MD
Westesson, Per-Lennart, MD, PHD, DDS
Wilbur, Scott, MD
Wilson, Ian, MD
Wismueller, Axel, MD
Xue, Jing Bing, MD
Zayas-Colon, Vanessa
Zynda-Weiss, Andrea, MD

Respiratory and Cardiology Service Report & Interpretations

Annabel, Spencer, MD
(Ultrasound, Stress Test & Cardiac Rehab)

Picco, Pasquale, MD
(Pulmonary Function Tests)

Speech Therapy

Crandall, Michael, SLP

Billing Questions
Billing questions can be directed to:
St. James Mercy Hospital, Billing Dept.
411 Canisteo Street
Hornell, NY 14843 (607) 324-8030


St. James Hospital
411 Canisteo Street
Hornell, NY 14843
(607) 324-8000

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